Montag, 14.09.20, Langesund – Hirtshals – Suldrup AB, 117 km

Langesund is not a small place but the center area is manageable. After the leisurely breakfast I took a stroll to “town” hoping for a coffee shop with internet to catch up with postings, etc. But I was not hopeful indeed. And as hope dies at last, I followed a man towards what looked like a store. Arriving there the shop had attached a wonderful cafe area and – internet access for free. Did lots of work…

Rolling onto the ferry meant to say Good Buy from Norway. I had so many moments of peace and happiness, of awe for the beauty of their nature.

Arrival in Hirtshals after quite a shaky crossing.

The rest of the day led onto the superb Danish highways in strictly souther direction. Now it was time to look forward to warmer temperatures and different experiences.

I skipped the plan to stop in Alborg and carried on to a highway parking spot near Suldrup much further to the south.

Sonntag, 13.09.20, Oslo – Drammen- Larvik – Langesund, 177 km

The plan was to spend some time in Drammen and work on the Blog and the carry on to Langesund to await the ferry on Monday, 14.09.20, 14h30. It almost turned out that way.

From Drammen

Found Starbucks quickly and spent time on

But on the way to Langesund I got appetite for a last round of golf in Norway, found the club in Larvik, got a tee time within 20 minutes and a great couple, Knud and Cordula, to play with. What a piece of luck.

Which led to a rather late arrival in Langesund. And strangely enough a lady was sitting on some stairs of a closed cafe, followed me to the place where I wanted to park and advised me where the official (free) parking was around the corner. How friendly of her.

Samstag, 12.09.20, Oslo

This morning I took the bike into a different direction and found of course new places of interest.

From the way back along the river a rather creative zone.

Only when I moved the bike back onto the rack I realised that my air pump was missing and the smaller lock which was taken out of the small bag. Friendly enough they left me the spare tube 🙂

Around lunch time I took the motorhome to Sjoeylist Marina Camping. Also a rather plain site but with all facilities and safe.

Again onto the bike a exploring semi island of Bygdoy which has all sorts of Museums, forests and beaches.

From the Maritime Museum of course

Greetings from Kon Tiki and Thor Heyerdahl

The way back to the Marina led through woods and along beaches most relaxing. Started the routine to find a place for coffee and internet and was successful. When I left the young waitress asked a few questions regarding my travels and home page. Which was nice of her…

Freitag, 11.09.20, Lillehammer – Oslo, 183 km

My Garmin navigation directed me on a side route to Oslo which showed a lovely agricultural countryside. It was leisurely peaceful ride. I just could not find a place for a coffee.

On arrival I found surprisingly quick a suitable parking area. Not for free here, 300 Kr ment 28 Euros for 24 h. It was very near a hotel and the city center. Took it. After a while organising myself to a ride to town I realised that I would not like to meet some of the characters passing through around me at night. So I parked neared to the hotel in the front and jumped on the bike.

The wind was chilly, the excitement limited, so I went back to my place. Again in the hotel lobby I had the usual cappuccino and worked on their internet. Could not be better.

Donnerstag, 10.09.20, Alesund – Lillehammer, 368 km

This would become the day of waterfalls and bridges again. Whereby the stretch between Andalsnes and Lillehammer I drove on Wednesday, 26.08.20, about two weeks ago the first time.

From excellent engineers and brave workers.

Not for the faint hearted, eh?

From a creative mind.

Back in Lillehammer, same parking, same Cafe in the Park, same lady in the fountain radiating her beauty.

Mittwoch, 09.09.20, Kristiansund – Molde – Alesund, 167 km

Between Kristiansund and Alesund is the rather famous Atlantic Road. Unfortunately I had rain and strong side winds to keep me busy on the steering wheel. I just had the smart phone attached to the windscreen and took a video.

Atlantic Road.

Not only on the Atlantic Road but all the way to Alesund I was in a storm with strong headwinds and side winds so that I needed 4 bar on my air suspension on the rear axle. Heavy rain showers made the pleasure perfect. Short dry spells in between.

In Alesund at last.

The picture showing myself in the blue jacket was taken by a young lady waiting for her friend. She advised me to go up the steps to the restaurant in the distance. I would have missed that probably.

Alesund from the hill. Reminded me strongly to Reine. A german speaking gentlemen called it the most beautiful town in Norway.

So many ladies coming up suddenly, I could not resist to document this 🙂

From the way back to the motorhome.

On the way back to the motorhome (which parked in a very unromantic but free area), I found again a “Quality Hotel” from the same group as in Kristiansund. I went in for the cappuccino and worked on their internet for quite some time.

Dienstag, 08.09.20, Trondheim – Kristiansund, 189 km

My parking in Trondheim was a little uphill, so the start with the bicycle was easy. Wait for the return… I found many spots where I were in 2017 on my way back from the North Kap. That is not difficult because the central area is not very large.

From Trondheim to Kristiansund.

Parking Kristiansund near the yacht harbor.

From the stroll to town and back.

Montag, 07.09.20, Torghatten – Trondheim, 389 km

First thing in the morning was to thank that family again for their hospitality. There was not much further conversation because of quite a language barrier.

Drive back to the parking at Torghatten and get ready to move upwards again.

Pattern on the walls

View to the north

From the stroll on the northern side.

Leaving Torghatten on route to Trondheim.

The last picture was taken the next day only as it was late when I found the free parking spot in Trondheim – in cycling distance to town. Well spotted.

Sonntag, 06.09.20, Mo i Rana – Tjoetta – Torghatten, 172 km

The plan was to drift along the coast in Helgeland. Last night I left that route because of the bad weather. This morning looked a bit friendlier and I found a way back to the coast. How tired I was last night can be seen by the fact that I did not take any picture from my parking location.

From Mo i Rana to Tjoetta

Between Tjoetta and Vevelstad

Arrived at Torghatten

From the stroll around the mountain with the bike.

When I looked for parking overnight, I asked somebody and was invited to stay on their yard in front of the house. A family from Lithuania.

Samstag, 05.09.20, Moskenes – Bodø – Glomfjord – Mo i Rana, 315 km

Time has come to say goodbye to the Lofoten. Reflecting that I almost gave up and pushed then up to here in two days I was very pleased and grateful that I had 8 smashing days.

Caught the ferry really at 07:00 a.m.!

From the transfer to Bodoe.

Heading south along the coast on the Fv 17 into Helgeland.

Stopped here and there for a break and some photos. Got the motorhome quite leaning.

Waiting for the ferry from Jetvik to Kilboghavn.

The waiting for the ferry and then the driving was strenuous and I changed my destination from Nesna to Mo i Rana and turned off in Maela.

It was already late and dark when I arrived in Mo i Rana, found quiet parking and called it a day.