Mittwoch, 09.09.20, Kristiansund – Molde – Alesund, 167 km

Between Kristiansund and Alesund is the rather famous Atlantic Road. Unfortunately I had rain and strong side winds to keep me busy on the steering wheel. I just had the smart phone attached to the windscreen and took a video.

Atlantic Road.

Not only on the Atlantic Road but all the way to Alesund I was in a storm with strong headwinds and side winds so that I needed 4 bar on my air suspension on the rear axle. Heavy rain showers made the pleasure perfect. Short dry spells in between.

In Alesund at last.

The picture showing myself in the blue jacket was taken by a young lady waiting for her friend. She advised me to go up the steps to the restaurant in the distance. I would have missed that probably.

Alesund from the hill. Reminded me strongly to Reine. A german speaking gentlemen called it the most beautiful town in Norway.

So many ladies coming up suddenly, I could not resist to document this 🙂

From the way back to the motorhome.

On the way back to the motorhome (which parked in a very unromantic but free area), I found again a “Quality Hotel” from the same group as in Kristiansund. I went in for the cappuccino and worked on their internet for quite some time.

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