Sunday, 27.09.20, Molinet – Lindau, 607 km

I left the small village of Molinet early as heavy rain woke me up anyway.

Quick breakfast.

Distance breaker in Mulhouse,still in France.

Coffee break at Starbucks before departure to Germany.

Long distance highway and “Bundesstrasse” driving.

I ended up on the same camping ground as in 2019 when I cycled from Haag to Lindau and around the lake. Fond memories…

Saturday, 26.09.20, La Rochelle – Molinet, 455 km

I was lucky with my parking again. It was free until 09:00 a.m. I could drive to the free area in the attached sector. Then: Cycling to town.

What a stunning place at the Atlantic Ocean.

I asked in a coffee shop at the harbor for internet. A rather unfriendly male “no”. Next door was restaurant with two charming ladies, and I received a friendly “of course”, you are welcome…
I sat down and updated “” as well as Facebook. This time only “teasers” on FB with cross reference to my website.

Time has come to head east towards home. I found a fuel stations with reasonable prices near La Rochelle and all was set.

Snacks anywhere on route eastwards.

Tremendous weather movements.

Romantic villages.

Evening in the Auvergne.

Searching and finding quite and free parking near a church.

Long distance driving is a different ball game compared to sight seeing on the bike 🙂

Friday, 25.09.20, Nantes – La Rochelle, 174 km

Cycling in Nantes was easy and the distances manageable. I liked the calm atmosphere and the tidiness all around.

In town.

Les Machines de l’île

Around town.

On route to the south, towards La Rochelle.

First glimpse of La Rochelle.

Big mistake not to have downloaded the Google Map of the area. It cost me lot of time to find parking. Ups.

Thursday, 24.09.20, Lorient – Carnac – Quiberon – Nantes, 280 km

I must remind you, that I looked for parking late at night and tried my luck in that area. What a blessing to be safe.

I always was fascinated about Neolithic monuments. Stonehenge in the Salisbury Plains is pulling me again and again like a magnet. I felt quite some excitement again heading for Carnac.

It is difficult to say the least to describe the impression with a few pictures. There are 6 fields of stone rows over 4 km. There is a monument of a scale which can only be absorbed by walking it completely up and down. Which I did not, only two of them. There were always tombs involved, so the thoughts are it represents a message of the transition from life to the after life.

Near Carnac is a the a semi island and at the far end the village of Quiberon. Unfortunately the weather was playing games with me so the no of spectacular pictures was limited 🙂

Bad weather, good dining.

After a late lunch I headed for Nantes and found Camping de Nantes. A very recommendable location.

Wednesday, 23.09.20, Tregastel – Brest – Pointe du Raz – Lorient, 378 km

I was not so sure about Brest but I felt it should be visited once you travel in the Bretagne. It was a little plain, but also with some charm.

Main attraction is the dominating Castle.

Pointe du Raz is the most western cap of France. I was looking forward to it and was collecting lots of energy from it.

It was late afternoon but I was still fit and headed towards Carnac. I came until Loirant and found some quite parking with luck.

Tuesday, 22.09.20, Lion-sur-Mer to Tregastel, 348 km

I left Lion-sur-Mer early and headed for Saint Malo, found good parking just a little outside town and activated my bicycle. I watched a big ship passing an narrow spot.

From inside St. Malo, slowly waking up.

Some other travelers recommended the village Erquy to me. But I did not have the motivation to search for the hidden gems which are definitely there.

For the search of the Granite Rose I started in Louannec. It was not was I was hoping for. But I had a great cycling round partially over rocky terrain at the beach.

In search for colors.

The couple which recommended Erquy to me also praised Tregastel. It was not on my radar. Here I found my Granite Rose. Of the finest.

With the change of light colors varied a lot.

Monday, 21.09.20, Honfleur – Houlgate – Lion-sur-Mer, 76 km

I was looking for a beach to find fossils. According to the net there should be some in Houlgate and Lion-sur-Mer.

From Houlgate:

In the background are the black rocks where they found Dinosaurs and one could have found other smaller fossils. High tide, no way to reach.
Unfortunate timing 🙁

From Lion-sur-Mer


Smart light fading slowly.

Sunday, 20.09.20, Caen – Etretat – Honfleur, 198 km

In the morning I was woken up at 06:00 a.m. from marketeers. What a shock, but they were actually kind and guided me out of the parking. After the empty fuel tank yesterday another straining exercise…

Found perfect parking near the library and did my morning routine in peace again. Jumped on the bike to explore the market and search for a building which I had missed yesterday.

Found Presbytère Saint Etienne

From the toll road to Etretat.

From Etretat Cliffs And Beach

From very charming Honfleur.

Saturday, 19.09.20, Savy-Berlette – Rouen – Caen, 304 km

Waked up early, left early for Rouen.

My fuel gage betrayed me with drastic consequences 🙁

From Rouen.

From the way to Caen -> Lisieux:

Arrived in Caen on time and found parking near town again at the yacht harbor.

As one would expect by now, I started my sight seeing tour on the bike.

View from the castle on top.