Thursday, 02.05.19, Ramnicu Valcea – Bucharest

Day 10 for the records. Breakfast at Cosmin’s parents and small talk as good as possible. His father guided me to a free parking ground and then drove me to the area where Cosmin wanted to meet me for coffee.
Intense conversation about the world and God. About the truth and money. We found completely common ground, that Jesus is Lord and this makes even sense from a logical point of view.

Left for Bucharest about lunch time and had the welcome tailwind.
Found the planned Restaurant Parking area, but looked for a supermarket parking lot nearer to the city center. Google Maps guided me through increasing traffic safely to a Penny Market. Found a spot near a side wall, went for some little shopping, was not noted and stayed there all night (again).

Not much more to say about this day, I left only at lunch time and after arrival went shopping, asked a young lady for a coffee with Wifi. She offered to guide me to it, it was literally around the corner. She did not have time to have a coffee, unfortunately.
But I had time to organise photos, do some posting and enjoy myself.

I say quite a challenge how to sightsee in that busy place. But tomorrow will be another day.

Wednesday, 01.05.19, Sinaia – Curtea Arges – Ramnicu Valcea

Relaxed morning at Penny’s parking and at about 8:00 I left for the short stretch to Peles Castle. They should open at 09:15. Maybe I can walk around before that and even find a C+C somewhere nearby.
Parking cost me 30 Lei / 7 Euros despite attempt to negotiate. It was really cold with 6 dgr C and humid. But the walk up from the parking to the castle was warming me up a bit and really a pleasant exercise.
I found some stalls in preparation for the public holiday and a dominating restaurant across the even more dominating castle. I tried my luck and went in and found some seven ladies chatting around a large desk. Can I have a coffee, please?
I caused some amusement, they all smiled at me and one jumped up and said, of course. Anything else? Yes, a croissant if you have. Of course….


As on the 1st of May they only opened the ticket shop at 10:15 and I heard a guide saying that the tour through the interior is only very short I gave it a miss. Strolled around a bit longer and back to the car.

The next target was now Curtea Arges. Took directions from Garmin which I had already checked the day before. Led to a long and winding very hilly road, but the alternative was about 1 1/2 hours longer. As the next fuel station was not at the corner of the turn off I had to turn around for one on the previous main road. Only then to seed that Garmin found now out that the main road is only 5 minutes longer. Filled diesel a bit later and had an ok passage.

From Arges I drove to Ramnicu Valcea to meet Cosmin, a friend of Sara whom she met in Brazil and is still in touch with him. The route led across a hill with a road in an unspeakable bad condition. Not only potholes but sunken “basins” on the side demanded superior driving skills, which I possess, of course… 🙂

We met where he pointed me, he then guided me to his parent’s house where I was invited to stay over. But before they fed me like a king. As the Easter weekend was just over, there were leftovers just welcome for that occasion of an surprise visitor.
Very grateful to meet some locals after all and to be able to ask about God and country.