In 2021 Santiago de Compostela in Spain become the center of interest. First I drove in August from Austria via Switzerland, Lichtenstein and France along the Spanish north coast to Santiago. Then later in September I walked the Camino via de la Plata from Sevilla to Santiago and Finesterre for about 1.110 km in 39 days.

January Austria

February Austria

March Austria

March-April South Africa

May Austria

June Golf trip 1 in Austria

June cycling to Grado in Italy

July Golf trip 2 around Austria

July cycling to Steyr Durchbruch

July cycling to Lake of Gardasee in Italy

August Motorhome from Austria to Santiago in Spain

August/September Motorhome Spain/Portugal

September/October walking Camino via de la Plata

October Motorhome from Sevilla/Spain back to Austria

November Austria around the house

December South Africa