Sunday, 05.05.19, Lake Murighiol – Vana Veche

Day 13 for the records. The boat trip started at 07:00 a.m. and we were 5 people. My neighbours, a German couple from near Stuttgart and a Dutch couple.
Short trip with the car to the landing and off we go. Chilly this morning, we all had jackets and hats, only the German guy forgot his hat and suffered in the cold wind when the boat sped.

It is needless to say, that in this case as in so many others, reality exceeded imagination by miles and miles. The Delta is so vast, sometimes with secretive narrow channels, sometimes with wide lakes, with glass clear water, with an enormous complex vegetation and a birdlife reminding of the time of creation.

The photos shown are painful selection of so many other.

After the boat trip we returned to the camping ground and I left soon to the south towards the border to Bulgaria and had Mamaia in mind for the first stop.

Later found a beach in Vana Veche, last village before the border. Was a bit too optimistic what a motor-home can do in the sand.

Saturday, 04.05.19, Tulcea – Murighiol

Day 12 for the records. Had a short night because went to bed late after posting and working in the nearby Cocktail Bar. And because the early morning party freaks leaving that Bar woke me up at about 04h30. Went for a stroll about 6 a.m. and found a peaceful harbour promenade with a picturesque sun rise.

Early woken up by party finishers, motor-home was shaken a couple of times, ups. But rewarded with a first class sunrise.

After that relaxed stroll I headed for Murighol further into the Delta. It took about 40 km on a country road.
As there was no boat trip from the camp site anymore today, I cycled towards the harbor but could not find any organizers. So I explored the neighboring fields and channels and found my first pelicans!