The running year 2023 started in South Africa with spending about 2 weeks in Cape Town with my daughters Vera and Sara and their families and friends. When Ingrid joined me middle of January we went to Knysna for a week of Golf. Some other highlits were Golf weeks with the motorhome around Caorle at the Mediterrainian and around the lake of Gardasee as well as a cycling tour with the racing bike and a tent to Triest and back via Cortina d’Ampezzo and Traun in Upper Austria. The “Major” in 2023 is now finalised. With the motorhome to East Turkey and back via Greece and Italy, the Meditarrainian again.

Mid December 2022 to Mid March 2023 South Africa

Jan 2023

Adventerous hike to a very remote valley and pit stop at farm stall.

Meeting friends and roaming the Cape


February 2023

Cycling to Barberton and Kaapsehoop


March 2023

Cycling Cape Town Cycling Race (Argus)

April 2023 Austria

Golfpark Metzenhof

May 2023 Golf Trip Around Friaul Italy with Motorhome


May 2023 Follow Girdo d’Italiy in Motorhome in Northern Italy

Aslo Friaul

June 2023 Golf Trip Around Lake of Gardasee with Motorhome

Golfparadise around Lake of Gardasee

July 2023 St. Wolfgang Wedding anniversary

Romantic Salzkammergut

August 2023 visit from Simon from SA

Great cycling father and sons

August 2023 Short Golf Trip to Steiermark with Family

Golf with Karl and Matthias

August 2023 Cycling Trip with RB and tent to Triest Italy

Distance 1.259 km, ascent 8.838 m

Mid September to end October 2023 Turkey, Greece, Italy with Motorhome

Since I read about Göbekli Tepe a couple of years ago I was longing to visit this archeological site of a temple which is about 12.000 years old. The site is located in Anatolia in Turkey and I found out that there are many more of this kind in the closer and more distanct surroundings. Also only about 500 km away is Mount Ararat near the border to Armenia and Iran. So I opted to try to conquer Ararat with its peak in 5.126 m above sea level and then collect the pre historical sites one by one on the way back to the Mediterranian and further back on the way to Greece. To avoid the same way back which would be boring I choose to cross Greece to Igumenitsa and to take the ferry to Brindisi in Italy. I came across from Brindisi last year anyway. Caserta near Naples, Bolsena, Siena, Florence, Vinci and Lazise were the stops in Italy.

The numerous breathteking impressions and adventures were unbelievable and surpassed my wildest imagination. Remember my slogan: “We travel to compare our imagination with reality.” So the journey was a full success.

15.09.23 Departure Haag Lower Austria to Novi Sad Serbia

16.09.23 Novi Sad to Baschkovo Monestry in Bulgaria

17.09.23 Baschkovo to Izmit Turkey

18.09.23 Izmit to Osmancik

19.09.23 Osmancik to Erzincan

20.09.23 Erzincan t0 Dogubyazit ARK Hostel and Camping

21.09.23 ARK Hostel and Camping – Preparation Day

22.09.23 Mount Ararat “Logistics”-Camp to Base Camp in 2.800 m

23.09.23 Acclimatisation from Base Camp 2.800 m to 3.600 m and back

24.09.23 From Base Camp 2.800 m to High Camp 3.800 m

25.09.23 Attacking Summit in 5.165 m. Due to snow fall during the night and exhaustion I aborted the mission at 4.600 m and returned to High Camp at 3.800 m

26.09.23 Return to “Logistics” – Camp and to ARK Hostel and Camping

27.09.23 From Dogubayazit to Tat Van and Nemrut Crater

28.09.23 From Nemrut Crater to Töbekli Tepe

29.09.23 From Töbekli Tepe to Nemrut Dagi

30.09.23 From Nemrut Dagi to Avanos in Kappadokia

01.10.23 Lover’s Valley Kappadokia and Kayamakli

02.10.23 Ihlara Valley

03.10.23 From Ihlara Valley to Catalhöyük

04.10.23 From Catalhöyük to Manavgat at the Mediterrainian Sea

05.10.23 to 11.10.23 Golf Hotel Sirene in Belek

11.10.2023 Hotel Sirene to Archeological Museum Antalya

11.10.2023 Archeological Museum Antalya to Olympos

11.10.2023 Olympos to Myra Ruins



Saklient Gorge

12.12.2023 Myra Ruins to Kas and to Patara and to Saklient Gorge

13.12.2023 Öludeniz to Pamukkale

14.12.2023 Pamukkale to Ephesos

15.10.2023 Ephesos to Izmir and Aliaga Hassimaga

Aliaga Hassimaga to stay overnight

16.10.2023 Aliaga Hassimaga to Pergamo and Troj

A snack and a stroll in Pergamo

Homer’s Troj

17.10.2023 From Troj to Kavala and Thessaloniki

18.10.2023 From Thessaloniki to Igumenitsa

19.10.2023 From Igumenitsa to Caserta near Naples

20.10.2023 From Caserta to Bolsena



21.10.2023 From Bolsena to Montalcino and Siena

22.10.2023 From Siena to Florence

23.10.2023 From Florence to Vinci

24.10 From Vinci to Lazise at Lake of Gardasee

25.10.2023 From Lazise back home to Haag (after 41 days)

Finalised highlights of the Turkey exploration on 16.11.2023

End December 2023 out to South Africa