Day 17 (2), 16.06.2017, North Kapp

As it was daylight all night through I could start exploring the area. I was on high adrenaline levels because of the achievement of 4.517 km in 12 days of driving and because of the gratefulness to be allowed to experience a dream coming true.

In the restaurant I met a lady from England in my age group 60+ who cycled up from Greece in two months. Respect, respect.

Grateful for that weather with midnight sun, a 4.500 km trip without any incident but with uncountable places of interest, beautiful countries, capitals, cities, castles and museums.

Day 17, 16.06.2017, Kautokeino – North Kapp

Route Map: 364 km

Final approach to the summit! Again a lonesome ride but filled with great landscapes and scenery. Also rather tiring because of a topography of mountains and valleys and winding roads all the time. But the excitement increased km by km.

Departure and some stops:

I missed to take pictures entering the final tunnel. It takes you plus/minus 280 m below sea level. I remember it to be a “funny” feeling.