Day 37, 18.08.2019, AB Strasburg – Haag, 639 km

Stopped a couple of times on Autobahn fuel stations.

Coming home to Haag safely.

A remarkable journey around Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, England, Scotland and France comes to an end.

I posted most of these blogs during the Corona shutdown around the year change form 2020 to 2021. I re-lived a wonderful journey and enjoyed every minute working on it.

Day 33, Berg – Haag

Route map 333 km

Final day with easy riding towards south-east again to home town Haag. Only short pit stop in Autobahn restaurant.

Leaving Berg.

Arriving in Haag:

In these 33 days of my first long run motor-home journey I collected tons of memories and impressions which could last for a life time. The amount of endorphins was also remarkable. And the latter ones are possibly the reason why I feel the addiction has started to catch me badly…

Saturday, 25.05.19, Zengg – Postojna Caves – Haag

Day 33 for the records. The new plan was to drive to Postojna in Slovenia, visit the caves which I had missed in Paklenica and then carry on to Grado in Italy and the next day to the “3 Zinnen” before returning to Haag.

Coastal road Croatia

Phase I was rather comfortable to drive up to Slovenia, pay the minimum road tax of 15 Euros and visit the Postojna Caves. Only the parking cost of 10 Euro was a bit disappointing. Paid then 25,80 Euro for the caves with German speaking guide. They take you on a small train about 10 minutes into the cave and then walk you for about one hour and back with the train. Needless to say the site enjoys UNESCO world heritage status and they deserve it to the full extent. Infinite numbers of shapes and forms and still similar in so many ways. As usual in sits like this, e.g. the Antelope Canyon in the US, there is not much time to take great photos. You have to be quick and creative to find the best angle… Then the next group is catching up with yours.

Entrance to Postojna Caves

Back outside was a thunderstorm which reduced my desire to go back to the coast to Italy. I checked distance and arrival time to return to Haag today. All acceptable. Off we go. Went via Ljubljana, Villach and the Tauernautobahn via Salzburg to the Westautobahn direction east. All top highways and smooth sailing when you manage to stay concentrated all the time an top every two hours.

I reached Haag at about 20:30 and realized only at arrival that I drove more than 600 km that day. I surprised Ingrid and we had a good laugh.