2010-05 Italy, Austria

The five villages (Cinque Terre) at the Italian West Coast attracted me for quite some time. Ingrid was there before and was my tour guide. We returned via the Lago Maggiore and the province of Vorarlberg to Haag. We traveled by car.

Day 1, 13.05.2010 – Cinque Terre 1
Day 2, 14.05.2010 – Cinque Terre 2
Day 3, 15.05.2010 Portofino
Day 4, 16.05.2010 – Milano
Day 4, 16.05.2010 – Lago Maggiore
Day 5, 17.05.2010, Feldkirch, Bregenz
Lindau – Germany

Day 37, 18.08.2019, AB Strasburg – Haag, 639 km

Stopped a couple of times on Autobahn fuel stations.

Coming home to Haag safely.

A remarkable journey around Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, England, Scotland and France comes to an end.

I posted most of these blogs during the Corona shutdown around the year change form 2020 to 2021. I re-lived a wonderful journey and enjoyed every minute working on it.

07-2018 Cycling Upper Austria

In 2018 I was already in Sicily, in the USA, at the Plitvice Lakes and Croatia. Now I had to ride around Upper Austria again.
But after 2015 and 2017 with the Racing Bike and light luggage, I took the Touring Bike and a tent.

27.07.2018, Haag – Elisabethsee

28.07.2018, Elisabethsee – Grundlsee

29.07.2018, Grundlsee – Wolfgangsee

30.07.2018, Wolfgangsee – Leitgeringer See

31.07.2018, Leitgeringer See – Passau

01.08.2018, Passau – Haag

07-2016 Cycling to Burgenland

2016 was a year of cycling. My total mileage was 5.600 km and 42.700 m uphill. It started in March with the Cape Town ARGUS Cycling Race which I had accomplished about 8 times before. Next came to substantiate a long standing dream end of 2015 to cycle to Rome. We trained hard for it and did it in June.

Cycling with a touring bike and a tent is most enjoyable and gives a great sense of freedom.
To cycle to the Lake of Neusiedlersee in Burgenland was the proof of the pudding in July.

In total I cycled about 550 km and 4.000 m altitude and the trip lasted 7 days.

04.07.2016 Cycling to Neusiedlersee in Burgenland

Somewhere on the way back between Neusiedler See, Semmering and Maria Zell the idea was born also to cycle to the French Pyrenees to Saint Jean Pied de Port, the starting point of the Camino Francais.

06-2019 Cycling Bodensee

Day 1, 10.06.2019, Haag – Passau

Day 2, 11.06.2019, Passau – Landshut

Day 3, 12.06.2019, Landshut – Wörthsee

Day 4, 13.06.2019, Wörthsee – Öschlsee

Day 5, 14.06.2019, Öschlsee – Lindau

Day 6, 15.06.2019, Lindau – Meersburg

Day 7, 16.06.2019, Meersburg – Konstanz

Day 8, 17.06.2019, Konstanz – Bregenz

Day 9, 18.06.2019, Bregenz – Pettneu

Day 10, 19.06.2019, Pettneu – Innsbruck /by bike) – Haag (by train)

08-2015 Cycling Lakes Upper Austria

2015 was my first year of semi-retirement and provided lots of opportunities for sports. As a teenager I only once had the chance to ride a small motor bike to one of the lakes and sleep in a tent. I always dreamed about to repeat this some time using a bicycle instead of the moped. And here we are. I reached the main 14 lakes and was very pleased with that…

8 days with lots of fun.

Day 1, 21.08.2015, Haag to Ebensee
110 km, 1.200 m uphill

All set and ready to go in Haag.

First brake in Kremsmünster

From the lake of Traunsee I wanted to cross a hill to the 2 lakes of Langbathsee. It became on of the toughest stages I had to accomplish, because I lost my way and it was too late to turn around.

First nights rest in Bodensee at the lake of Traunsee

Day 2, 22.08.2015, Ebensee to Obertraun
40 km, 195 m uphill

Day 3, 23.08.2015, Obertraun to 3 lakes
78 km , 750 m uphill

Day 4, 24.08.2015, Obertraun – Mondsee
78 km, 786 m uphill

Day 5, 25.08.2015, Mondsee to 4 lakes
98 km, 825 m uphill

Day 6, 26.08.2015, Mondsee – Scharnstein
75 km, 643 m uphill

Day 7, 27.08.2015, Scharnstein to 3 lakes
55 km, 440 m uphill

Day 8, 28.08.2015, Scharnstein to Haag
78 km, 774 m uphill

Back home safely.

07-2015 and 08-2017 Cycling around Upper Austria

During my professional life at the BMW Group time for sports was rather scarce. But when I retired in May 2015 I was on the move. I looked up the route from the official website from the “Race around Upper Austria“. In order to navigate with Google Maps I had to simplify the one or the other stretch. I also avoided the full amount of uphill sections (Original 9.300 m).
I needed 3 1/2 days for about 570 km and 5.800 m uphill.

The 4 stages of the 3,5 days:

In August 2017 I set myself a new target to finish the round in 3 days, down half a day from 2015. Here is the result:

The 3 stages of the 3 days:

The pictures are the same of both events, and should give an impression of how beautiful my home province is.

Haag – Großraming – Unterlaussa – Unterlaussa Church

Hengstpass – Windischgarsten – Kirchdorf – Gmunden

Altmünster – Weissenbach – St. Gilgen – Fuschl

Hof – Seekirchen – Seeham – Ort/Innkreis

Osternacherhof – Schärding – Passau – Engelhartszell

Oberkappel – Ulrichsberg – Bad Leonfelden – Freistadt

Kefermarkt – Kefermarkter Altar – Ennsdorf – Haag