08-2015 Cycling Lakes Upper Austria

2015 was my first year of semi-retirement and provided lots of opportunities for sports. As a teenager I only once had the chance to ride a small motor bike to one of the lakes and sleep in a tent. I always dreamed about to repeat this some time using a bicycle instead of the moped. And here we are. I reached the main 14 lakes and was very pleased with that…

8 days with lots of fun.

Day 1, 21.08.2015, Haag to Ebensee
110 km, 1.200 m uphill

All set and ready to go in Haag.

First brake in Kremsmünster

From the lake of Traunsee I wanted to cross a hill to the 2 lakes of Langbathsee. It became on of the toughest stages I had to accomplish, because I lost my way and it was too late to turn around.

First nights rest in Bodensee at the lake of Traunsee

Day 2, 22.08.2015, Ebensee to Obertraun
40 km, 195 m uphill

Day 3, 23.08.2015, Obertraun to 3 lakes
78 km , 750 m uphill

Day 4, 24.08.2015, Obertraun – Mondsee
78 km, 786 m uphill

Day 5, 25.08.2015, Mondsee to 4 lakes
98 km, 825 m uphill

Day 6, 26.08.2015, Mondsee – Scharnstein
75 km, 643 m uphill

Day 7, 27.08.2015, Scharnstein to 3 lakes
55 km, 440 m uphill

Day 8, 28.08.2015, Scharnstein to Haag
78 km, 774 m uphill

Back home safely.

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