When 2021 was dominated with roaming with the motorhome and walking the Camino Via Plata, 2022 was the year of cycling.
When I turned 68 years in October I had 6.000 km on the clock this year only. It is my record year of cycling so far.

But looking to the table below, I can be grateful that there were so many more activities I could accomplish adding memories and memories and memories.

January – February South Africa

For a short light illness end of December 2021 I spent the time in Pretoria in Vera’s house for recovery. From there the journey led to Cape Town, back to Johannesburg and to the East to Mpumalanga Province. Later followed a road trip from Nelspruit to Cape Town and back via the Karoo.

March Skiing Zillertal

April – May South Africa

June RB Cycling to Paris

In 2016 Heinz Weitenthaler, Bruno Kneidinger and myself cycled to Rome with a racing bike and light luggage in 9 days. Already then we had the feeling another ride like this one would be great. Heinz Weitenthaler suggested Paris for 2021 but we had to postpone it to June 2022 because of the Covid Pandemic. This time Heinz organized the adventure with a team bus including a driver, planned the stages and pre-selected suitable accommodation along the way.

Distance covered: 1.200 km and 11.000 Hm

July TB Cycling to East Sea

The trip to Paris motivated me to capitalize on the fitness gained and continue with another long distance attempt to the East Sea to the beach ressort of Ahlbeck. This time I decided to use the Touring Bike with luggage and a tent.
Distance covered 1.011 km and 3.200 Hm

July RB Cycling to Budapest

The route to Budapest followed the river Danube and back via the lake of Balaton and the Semmering Pass.
Distance covered: 1.072 km – 4.250 Hm

September – October RB Cycling Corse and Motorhome Greece

With motorhome passing through Italy towards Greece

Around Greece

Back to Austria via Croatia and Slovenia

October MB Hohe Dirn

October South Tyrol Dolomites

November Golf in Cyprus

December South Africa

The Rest Country Estate Mbombela

Entrance and inside

Kruger National Park

Family gatherings

Meeting friends