Day 24, 23.06.2017, Trondheim – Östersund

Route map: 276 km

Summary of the day:
Driving to town with motor-home because of distance and time. Then take the bike in town and find a charming, elegant and calm place. Finally heading westwards to Sweden through the typical Scandinavian landscape with waterfalls rivers, peaks and valleys.

Camping: Östersunds Stugby & Camping /
Personal rating: 5/5

From Trondheim town:

In Austria Mozart would rather be a Cafe..

From the road:

Day 23, 22.06.2017, Korgen – Trondheim

Route map: 473 km

For the risk of sounding repetitive, great roads, great landscapes, enjoyable driving. Arrived on time, found parking near old town and manage part one of bike tour around the city.

Camping: Vikhammer Camping
Personal rating: 5/5

From the road:

First view of Trondheim – on bike:

Short drive form town to camping site: