Day 2, 01.06.2017, Krakau

Camping Adam Krakau:
Personal rating: 5/5

As I mentioned at the end of 31.05.2017, I arrived late at the camping ground, it was dark already. In the bright morning light I had a pleasant surprise finding myself in a park like environment.

I took my bicycle and followed Google Maps to the nearby Old Town. I was so surprised to find a spotless and beautifully restored jewel of a city. One palace followed the other, the same for the churches and cathedrals and castles. All over lush and green parks and recreation areas to recharge the batteries. The river Weichsel cuts through the city and offers great views and water leisure.

Needless to say that there are plenty of charming restaurants and street cafes which invite for refueling and letting the time stand still.

Day 1, 31.05.2017 Haag – Vienna – Krakau (Poland)

Route map – 600 km:

Camping Adam Krakau
Personal rating: 5/5

Great spot in the shade.

The days of research and planning were over. Today the Russian Consulate in Vienna promised the VISA for Kaliningrad and St. Petersburg to me and finally I could begin the first long journey in my new motor-home. One hopes in such a new situation to have packed all necessary items to survive more than a month.

As I decided rather late to include Kaliningrad and St. Petersburg into the destinations the VISA application became time critical. So I started my journey on the day they promised the paper. I had to go via Vienna anyway. Fortunately I found quickly a parking space, bought the parking ticket in a Tobacco Kiosk (little tricky in Vienna) and managed the collection on time.

Schallaburg on route to Vienna, Vienna, Slovakian border

Originally I planned to drive about 400 km on day 1 to Hranice in Slovakia. But the excitement to be on the road eventually pushed me further. Second destination was Krakau in Poland and I went for it. I collected then
600 km. Needless to say despite the excitement I was very tired and very happy that my navigation led me perfectly to the camping ground near the old town.