Day 1, 31.05.2017 Haag – Vienna – Krakau (Poland)

Route map – 600 km:

Camping Adam Krakau
Personal rating: 5/5

Great spot in the shade.

The days of research and planning were over. Today the Russian Consulate in Vienna promised the VISA for Kaliningrad and St. Petersburg to me and finally I could begin the first long journey in my new motor-home. One hopes in such a new situation to have packed all necessary items to survive more than a month.

As I decided rather late to include Kaliningrad and St. Petersburg into the destinations the VISA application became time critical. So I started my journey on the day they promised the paper. I had to go via Vienna anyway. Fortunately I found quickly a parking space, bought the parking ticket in a Tobacco Kiosk (little tricky in Vienna) and managed the collection on time.

Schallaburg on route to Vienna, Vienna, Slovakian border

Originally I planned to drive about 400 km on day 1 to Hranice in Slovakia. But the excitement to be on the road eventually pushed me further. Second destination was Krakau in Poland and I went for it. I collected then
600 km. Needless to say despite the excitement I was very tired and very happy that my navigation led me perfectly to the camping ground near the old town.

Wednesday, 24.04.19, Bratislava to Budapest.

Good morning in Bratislava, shopping and another round through town with the bike. Weather much better than yesterday. Found government’s palace at time for changing of the guards. Exactly two soldiers were commanded by one officer for the change.

What a difference the sun makes… also in Bratislava.

Government’s palace and “Changing of the Guards”.

Departure towards Budapest at about noon, again gusty south easterly winds, arrival about 16:00 at the camping site after heavy stop and go traffic in the city. After check-in on the bike again up to Fisherman’s Bastion with that great view over Budapest. On the way back quickly to the nearby Castle. Looking forward to tomorrow’s discovery ride.

First impressions from Budapest, palaces and bridges, two melted towns.

Fisherman’s Bastion

The view of a life time from Fisherman’s Bastion

Haller Camping in the city center ideal for all excursions.

Tuesday, 23.04.19, Haag – Bratislava

After a relaxed morning and breakfast with Ingrid I left at 08:00 a.m. as planned. Last additions to the equipment e.g., warm rain jacket and hat proved immensely valuable later the day. Quickly draw some cash in town and then join the highway direction east to Bratislava via Vienna. Strong and gusty south easterly winds called for maximum attention. Quick stop in Steinhäusl for coffee and croissant. Payed 10 € toll at the border and reached Bratislava around 11:30. Finding parking proved challenging as Garmin found only park garages. But after about one hour I found my spot quite hidden near a restaurant and near the big bridge. Take the bike and jacket and hut and ride to the castle and the historic city center. All in light drizzle. Only at about 15:00 rain became a little more.

First relaxed view of the Danube and the Castle

Took the pictures, had another coffee and croissant (c+c) at Mackies and headed for my motor home. Asked the restaurant manager if I can stay over night. He directed me to a camping ground which Garmin did not know. On the way to it after 5 minutes I saw some other motor homes among other cars on a parking ground near the river Danube. One spot under a tree was left open for me. As outside temp is around 11 dgr. C, I activated my central heating. Had to switch to gas bottle 2. All in all you have to make the best of it.