Wednesday, 24.04.19, Bratislava to Budapest.

Good morning in Bratislava, shopping and another round through town with the bike. Weather much better than yesterday. Found government’s palace at time for changing of the guards. Exactly two soldiers were commanded by one officer for the change.

What a difference the sun makes… also in Bratislava.

Government’s palace and “Changing of the Guards”.

Departure towards Budapest at about noon, again gusty south easterly winds, arrival about 16:00 at the camping site after heavy stop and go traffic in the city. After check-in on the bike again up to Fisherman’s Bastion with that great view over Budapest. On the way back quickly to the nearby Castle. Looking forward to tomorrow’s discovery ride.

First impressions from Budapest, palaces and bridges, two melted towns.

Fisherman’s Bastion

The view of a life time from Fisherman’s Bastion

Haller Camping in the city center ideal for all excursions.