Day 2, 08.05.2018, Los Angeles

Step 1:
With Hotel shuttle to the rental car company Thrifty:

Thrifty Car Rentals:
Personal rating: 5/5

Booking confirmation:

They said: Go out to the yard and select the one you like. Nobody accompanied us. So we choose the KIA (model TBA). First and second row seats like in business class. A comfortable and faithful companion all 3 weeks.

Route map: in LA:

Summary of the day:
Our expectations were rather low and we choose to drive to The Walk of Fame with all the stars on the pedestrian path. We also passed by at the Film Studios but did not enter. A stroll around Rodeo Drive concluded an early close of the day. We missed the sea side resorts, probably saved them for next time…

Walking by the famous.

Walking on the famous Walk of Fame.

Around Rodeo Drive

Day 1, 07.05.2018, Arrival Los Angeles

A confirmed VISA application is essential of course.

Departure 06.05.2018 in Vienna

Upon arrival the legendary queuing was not too bad, we bought a pre-paid SIM card and called the hotel to send the shuttle service. This procedure was a bit tricky, we might have missed the correct pick up point at the first attempt.

Route Map 07.05.2018 Los Angeles:

Hotel Wingate by Windham near the Airport:

The location of the hotel was very convenient since we arrived late afternoon and were tired from the long flight and the shuttle service was included. Just the surroundings we rather dull and we choose a Mexican restaurant nearby which deserves no comment at all. It was so bad that we could only laugh it away and hope, it would not be a bad omen for the trip.

It was not, not at all.