Day 14, 13.06.2017, Helsinki

Route map public transport:

I decided to take the train and it took only 25 min to the City Center. And then I walked following my nose again and the crowed. During my short investigation last night I found a Rock Church and it cought my interest to search for it. But first came the center.

Overall impression as all over Scandinavia: very well organised, spotless, friendly, calm, relaxed, most attractive.

Fine culinary stands around the harbor basin.

The absolute high-lite of Helsinki for me was the Rock Church. Carved basically into an existing rock formation it had the most beautiful acoustics and for people like me an unbelievable amount of spirituality.

One should never have regrets Edith Piaf used to sing. I missed out on a harbor cruise for an unknown reason. Maybe next time…

Day 13, 12.06.2017, St. Petersburg – Helsinki

Route Map 398 km

Personal rating: 5/5

After two exciting days the travel routine came back with a smooth ride to Helsinki, the capital of Finland. In the morning I stopped at a fuel station outside St. Petersburg (Diesel was the cheapest of all countries, 0,60 €/l). They also had coffee and croissants. Good start of the day.

The closer Helsinki came, the worse the weather became. On arrival I tried to circle the city for some land marks, but in vain. Rush hour and rain killed any motivation and I looked for my planned Camping site.

It was a good opportunity for some house keeping including laundry activities. And hoping for the next day to reveal the secrets of Helsinki.