Day 33, Berg – Haag

Route map 333 km

Final day with easy riding towards south-east again to home town Haag. Only short pit stop in Autobahn restaurant.

Leaving Berg.

Arriving in Haag:

In these 33 days of my first long run motor-home journey I collected tons of memories and impressions which could last for a life time. The amount of endorphins was also remarkable. And the latter ones are possibly the reason why I feel the addiction has started to catch me badly…

Day 32, 01.07.2017, Soltau – Nürnberg

Route map 588 km

It was a long day again. We reached Nürnberg in the afternoon and went for the walk. It is a magic place with lots of historical buildings and the like. Just not too late we looked to the camping site near town. Only to find out it was fully booked because of a big Motor Sport Event. Ups. Eventually we drove further south-west towards Regensburg and stopped in Berg.

Camping in Berg:
Personal rating: 5/5

From the road:

From Nürnberg

At Camping Berg

Day 31, 30.06.2017, Kopenhagen – Lübeck – Soltau

Route map 402 km

What a rainy day, took the ferry from Rodbyhaven to Puttgarden and reached Lübeck in the afternoon, still time for some sight seeing and a coffee in town. There is no bad weather, just possibly unsuitable clothing.

Camping near Soltau:
Personal rating 5/5

From the road and ferry:

From rainy Lübeck. Remember, one of the “Hanse-Städte” as Riga and Tallinn, which I visited during the north bound journey.

No need to visit Soltau this evening in these conditions.

Day 29, 28.06.2017, Jönköping – Malmö – Kopenhagen

Route Map 374 km

Driving on excellent roads again and without any incident. Rather short stop over in Malmö for coffee and snacks before entering the long Öresund Bridge and Tunnel.

Camping in Kopenhagen:
Personal rating: 5/5

Limited from Malmö:

From Öresund:

The Camp site is mentioned at the top. We tried one closer to the city center which was full. But the one we used was very good accessible with public transport anyway.

Day 28, 27.06.2017, Stockholm – Jönköping

Route map 315 km

Summary of the day:
With Metro to Gamla Stan (Old Town) again for more sight seeing with visiting churches and the Town Hall, where the Nobel Prices are celebrated. Smooth ride to Jönköping. Marvelous sunset.

Camping Jönköping:
Personal rating: 5/5

Still from Stockholm

Stockholm Stadshus

Royal Palace

Royal Chapel

From Granna Camping Jönköping

Position could be worse

Day 24, 23.06.2017, Trondheim – Östersund

Route map: 276 km

Summary of the day:
Driving to town with motor-home because of distance and time. Then take the bike in town and find a charming, elegant and calm place. Finally heading westwards to Sweden through the typical Scandinavian landscape with waterfalls rivers, peaks and valleys.

Camping: Östersunds Stugby & Camping /
Personal rating: 5/5

From Trondheim town:

In Austria Mozart would rather be a Cafe..

From the road: