Saturday, 27.04.19, Belgrade, P II

After posting from the Cafe a few more shots afterwards. The Dome of Holy Sava has escaped me until then. As it is probably the most visited place in Belgrade, it would have be a shame to miss it.

Some of the nuns who visited held their hand in front of their mouth, surley in awe, but maybe also asking how much help for the poor could have been provided…

At the end of the day I had cycled some 38 km, 50 % of it quite up and down, but never steep. At the camping ground I quickly reparked my motorhome to a spot where the Wifi is strong enough to do some posting. What a smart move, one hour later the yard was full again.

Saturday, 27.04.19, Belgrade, P1

Day 5 for the records. Took my bike and rode to town. Found another Castle and although riding at least one circle, found some or most of the places of interest. As so many big cities, also Belgrade has many faces. From posh to poor and neglected. I followed partly my offline map and partly my nose and had a great day so far.

As the rain caught me about 01h00 when I anyway looked for a coffee place, I was forced to stop at one near the merger of the river Sava with the Danube. And they have Wifi on top of it where I managed to catch with up some postings. My guardian angel seems to be a great tour guide as well…

Overview of the merging rivers Sava and Danube
The classic from southern side of river Soave

The service was in full progress, actually the holy supper was celebrated and the bread and wine was offered, still the people moved around all the time also with visitors like me coming and going. It felt a very peaceful place to me. A source of strength.