Saturday, 18.05.19, Kotor – Dubrovnik

Day 26 for the records. We left the camping garden early towards Kotor and found parking a few hundred meters outside the city. On the way we crossed the fish, veg and fruit market. The small streets and squares were nearly empty and one could have had the impression of a lost city. Good coffee and cake nearby. Walking further and finding the path up to the castle. Unfortunately only I went up. Ingrid gave it a miss. With every meter upstairs the view changed and become overwhelmingly awesome to say the least. Reminds me that no photograph or video can transport the life impressions and emotions when you are there. Reality surpassed my imagination by far. When I reached the bottom again, the lost city was full with tourists from around the world.

Lovely souvenirs

Former harbor to the Habsburg fleet!

We left Kotor with the feeling time stood still for a while and avoided an endless queue of cars before Kotor and chose an alternative route from Garmin. We ended up in front of a ferry terminal and were not sure whether they would take our motor-home. From a distance the vessels looked rather small. Later a big truck with trailer stood alongside us. We payed 9 Euros for the transfer. That was reasonable. Just before leaving the ferry I opened the handbrake too early and rolled back into another car. It had a small but clear dent on the bonnet and we stopped at the harbor. One of the ferry coordinators came as mediator and asked for 50 Euros to settle the case. I agreed immediately, because of avoiding the claim, etc, etc. A bit hurtful after losing my bike.

Following Garmin and the advice of my wife Ingrid I did not go towards Ulcinj on the red road which would have been a bit more distance. The road we found was the yellow one and soon demanded all my driving skills and tons of patience. Narrow, pothole staccatos again and bend after bend, centimeters between oncoming traffic, etc, etc.

When we joined the red road coming from Ulcinj I nearly lost my temper and nearly threw out my toys. Nearly…

The next challenge was to find a reasonable hotel in Dubrovnik. In view of the primitive camping last night we agreed to upgrade ourselves. I stopped several times in heavy traffic and light drizzle and Ingrid inquired. After a couple of unsuitable places we checked the camping site. It was a very good one and cost 40 Euro / night. We decided to check a bit longer and could come back in case. Just around the corner then we found a small but fine apartment for 55 Euro / night and book 2 nights. All happy.

Later took the bus to old town, found restaurant for dinner, best ice cream in the world for dessert and had this leisurely stroll we looked forward to.

Friday, 17.05.19, Tirana – Kotor

Day 25 for the records. Heading south again although next destination was north. Tirana is a large place and traffic increases with every km towards the center, naturally. Circled quite some time and bravely entered a small side passage. Parked and payed 5 Euro for two hours to the “manager” of the place. Police no problem…

Started the exploration from there and found a wonderful restaurant with coffee terrasse attached to a Casino after 5 minutes. Again only the brave…
Had to draw cash and exchange it. Drew 10 Euros from a machine, payed 5 Euro commission. No commission at the exchange. Payed the coffee with mixed feelings…

Walked further through the park to a church and later back to the car in a busy and even picturesque side street. With the remaining cash we bought some fruit and left after about 2 hours as negotiated.

Below is a fine coastal road which we enjoyed for some time. But later we decided a specific shorter route and were caught on a narrow pothole staccato path which was challenging and fun at the same time. NO chance to take pictures… 🙂

At the entrance to Kotor I was so tired that I decided to turn left to the closer camping site against the recommendation of the Germans in Tirana. It was narrow road stopping every 500 m to pass oncoming traffic. But we found a great fish restaurant, but the camping site had only cold water. Not to the pleasure of my Ingrid.. 🙁