Friday, 17.05.19, Tirana – Kotor

Day 25 for the records. Heading south again although next destination was north. Tirana is a large place and traffic increases with every km towards the center, naturally. Circled quite some time and bravely entered a small side passage. Parked and payed 5 Euro for two hours to the “manager” of the place. Police no problem…

Started the exploration from there and found a wonderful restaurant with coffee terrasse attached to a Casino after 5 minutes. Again only the brave…
Had to draw cash and exchange it. Drew 10 Euros from a machine, payed 5 Euro commission. No commission at the exchange. Payed the coffee with mixed feelings…

Walked further through the park to a church and later back to the car in a busy and even picturesque side street. With the remaining cash we bought some fruit and left after about 2 hours as negotiated.

Below is a fine coastal road which we enjoyed for some time. But later we decided a specific shorter route and were caught on a narrow pothole staccato path which was challenging and fun at the same time. NO chance to take pictures… 🙂

At the entrance to Kotor I was so tired that I decided to turn left to the closer camping site against the recommendation of the Germans in Tirana. It was narrow road stopping every 500 m to pass oncoming traffic. But we found a great fish restaurant, but the camping site had only cold water. Not to the pleasure of my Ingrid.. 🙁

Thursday, 16.05.19, Skopje – Pristina – Tirana

Day 24 for the records. During the night Ingrid woke me up, she heard a noise. I did not, but I climbed down the bunk bed and shouted “hey!”. No reaction, silence. I did not leave the vehicle. You never know. Could not sleep for some time. Felt a definite shaking of the motorhome about half an hour later. Thought must have been a wind gust. Did not hear any wind. Thought all will be well….

In the morning I had to look for the bicycle immediately after waking up. Bad news, it was gone. Looked to the rack and found the wire lock cut precisely but fixing straps were opened carefully and not damaged at all. Gentlemen thieves. Ingrid might have heard the cut, I must have disturbed them and they came back later to lift the bike off when I felt the swing. Went to reception, they were apologetic and pointed me to the next police station 12 km to the south. As we were heading north to Pristiana it was a short discussion, but we decided to report the incidence.

Nasty surprise, Mountain Bike stolen during the night.

We had to wait about 45 min until the administration started office but then were treated with Turkish coffee and a rather swift procedure.
Back to pass Skopje with mixed feelings now towards Pristina in the Kosovo.

Pristina did not reveal its charming side…

Weather rainy and NO = ZERO chance to find parking near an old town. Tried hard settled for a few shots from the car, looked for a fuel station, had some coffee there before turning south.

WE had our camping guide and Google Maps agreeing to the position of our choice. But the approach road was more than adventurous. We had to ask and still had our doubts. But we made it.