Thursday, 24.09.20, Lorient – Carnac – Quiberon – Nantes, 280 km

I must remind you, that I looked for parking late at night and tried my luck in that area. What a blessing to be safe.

I always was fascinated about Neolithic monuments. Stonehenge in the Salisbury Plains is pulling me again and again like a magnet. I felt quite some excitement again heading for Carnac.

It is difficult to say the least to describe the impression with a few pictures. There are 6 fields of stone rows over 4 km. There is a monument of a scale which can only be absorbed by walking it completely up and down. Which I did not, only two of them. There were always tombs involved, so the thoughts are it represents a message of the transition from life to the after life.

Near Carnac is a the a semi island and at the far end the village of Quiberon. Unfortunately the weather was playing games with me so the no of spectacular pictures was limited 🙂

Bad weather, good dining.

After a late lunch I headed for Nantes and found Camping de Nantes. A very recommendable location.

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