Saturday, 26.09.20, La Rochelle – Molinet, 455 km

I was lucky with my parking again. It was free until 09:00 a.m. I could drive to the free area in the attached sector. Then: Cycling to town.

What a stunning place at the Atlantic Ocean.

I asked in a coffee shop at the harbor for internet. A rather unfriendly male “no”. Next door was restaurant with two charming ladies, and I received a friendly “of course”, you are welcome…
I sat down and updated “” as well as Facebook. This time only “teasers” on FB with cross reference to my website.

Time has come to head east towards home. I found a fuel stations with reasonable prices near La Rochelle and all was set.

Snacks anywhere on route eastwards.

Tremendous weather movements.

Romantic villages.

Evening in the Auvergne.

Searching and finding quite and free parking near a church.

Long distance driving is a different ball game compared to sight seeing on the bike 🙂