Montag, 14.09.20, Langesund – Hirtshals – Suldrup AB, 117 km

Langesund is not a small place but the center area is manageable. After the leisurely breakfast I took a stroll to “town” hoping for a coffee shop with internet to catch up with postings, etc. But I was not hopeful indeed. And as hope dies at last, I followed a man towards what looked like a store. Arriving there the shop had attached a wonderful cafe area and – internet access for free. Did lots of work…

Rolling onto the ferry meant to say Good Buy from Norway. I had so many moments of peace and happiness, of awe for the beauty of their nature.

Arrival in Hirtshals after quite a shaky crossing.

The rest of the day led onto the superb Danish highways in strictly souther direction. Now it was time to look forward to warmer temperatures and different experiences.

I skipped the plan to stop in Alborg and carried on to a highway parking spot near Suldrup much further to the south.

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