Sonntag, 13.09.20, Oslo – Drammen- Larvik – Langesund, 177 km

The plan was to spend some time in Drammen and work on the Blog and the carry on to Langesund to await the ferry on Monday, 14.09.20, 14h30. It almost turned out that way.

From Drammen

Found Starbucks quickly and spent time on

But on the way to Langesund I got appetite for a last round of golf in Norway, found the club in Larvik, got a tee time within 20 minutes and a great couple, Knud and Cordula, to play with. What a piece of luck.

Which led to a rather late arrival in Langesund. And strangely enough a lady was sitting on some stairs of a closed cafe, followed me to the place where I wanted to park and advised me where the official (free) parking was around the corner. How friendly of her.

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