Samstag, 12.09.20, Oslo

This morning I took the bike into a different direction and found of course new places of interest.

From the way back along the river a rather creative zone.

Only when I moved the bike back onto the rack I realised that my air pump was missing and the smaller lock which was taken out of the small bag. Friendly enough they left me the spare tube 🙂

Around lunch time I took the motorhome to Sjoeylist Marina Camping. Also a rather plain site but with all facilities and safe.

Again onto the bike a exploring semi island of Bygdoy which has all sorts of Museums, forests and beaches.

From the Maritime Museum of course

Greetings from Kon Tiki and Thor Heyerdahl

The way back to the Marina led through woods and along beaches most relaxing. Started the routine to find a place for coffee and internet and was successful. When I left the young waitress asked a few questions regarding my travels and home page. Which was nice of her…

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