Samstag, 05.09.20, Moskenes – Bodø – Glomfjord – Mo i Rana, 315 km

Time has come to say goodbye to the Lofoten. Reflecting that I almost gave up and pushed then up to here in two days I was very pleased and grateful that I had 8 smashing days.

Caught the ferry really at 07:00 a.m.!

From the transfer to Bodoe.

Heading south along the coast on the Fv 17 into Helgeland.

Stopped here and there for a break and some photos. Got the motorhome quite leaning.

Waiting for the ferry from Jetvik to Kilboghavn.

The waiting for the ferry and then the driving was strenuous and I changed my destination from Nesna to Mo i Rana and turned off in Maela.

It was already late and dark when I arrived in Mo i Rana, found quiet parking and called it a day.

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