Mai 2018, USA West National Parks, Summary

With two very good friends of us, Andrea and Perikles, Ingrid and I decided to join forces and explore the National Parks of the West of the USA together. We had another remarkable journey which exceeded all our expectations by far. What can you ask more?

Route map 6.062 km and detailed table of locations:

Without a valid VISA not entry to the States of course.

We left Austria on 07.05.2018 for 26 days and returned on 01.06.2018.
As a teaser I post ONE photo per day, which was a painful limitation.

Day 1, 07.05.2018, Vienna – Los Angeles

Day 2, 08.05.2018, Los Angeles

Day 3, 09.05.2018, Los Angeles – Pismo Beach

Day 4, 10.05.2018, Pismo Beach – Big Sur – San Francisco

Day 5, 11.05.2018, San Francisco

Day 6, 12.05.2018, San Francisco

Day 7, 13.05.2018, San Francisco – Yosemite National Park

Day 8, 14.05.2018, Yosemite National Park

Day 9, 15.05.2018, Yosemite NP – Sequoia National Park

Day 10, 16.05.2018, Sequoia NP – Death Valley

Day 11, 17.05.2018, Death Valley – Las Vegas

Day 12, 18.05.2018, Las Vegas

Day 13, 19.05.2018, Las Vegas – Grand Canyon

Day 14, 20.05.2018, Gand Canyon

Day 15, 21.05.2018, Grand Canyon

Day 16, 22.05.2018, Grand Canyon – Monument Valley – Page

Day 17, 23.05.2018, Page – Antelope Canyon

Day 18, 24.05.2018 Page – Zion NP – Bryce Canyon

Day 19, 25.05.2018, Bryce Canyon – Dead Horse Point – Moab

Day 20, 26.05.2018, Moab – Arches National Park

Day 21, 27.05.2018, Moab – Salt Lake City

Day 22, 28.05.2018, Salt Lake City – Yellow Stone National Park

Day 23, 29.05.2018, Yellow Stone NP

Day 24, 30.05.2018, Yellow Stone NP – Salt Lake City

Day 25, 31.05.2018, Salt Lake City – Paris

31.05.2017 North Kap Scandinavia

Travel route:

Main destination and motivation:


The dream to once in my life visit the North Kap was quite long standing. The idea to do it in a motor-home developed rather quick. After considering air travel plus rental car or public transport or railways plus buses or even in a normal passenger car and hotels it dawned on me that a motor-home could be the answer for flexibility, simplicity, efficiency, lifestyle and adventure.

As I do the documentation on my new website only in 2020, I had to dig into my notes and previous papers. I found tons of material in preparation. I searched and found one or two campsites for every day of the journey. And I planned with plus/minus 30-35 days. It was worth every minute of time I spent for that. The number of days demanded to drive between 200 and 600 km / day.


I visited 11 countries in 33 days with distance of 9.562 km which averages to 382 km/day in 25 days of driving. In 8 days I did not drive.
As it was my first long journey with the motor-home it was very exciting and rewarding. Scandinavia is so different from my previous destinations e.g., around the Mediterranean Sea or Africa and Asia, much more relaxed and tranquil. Latest touching on the “Lofoten Island Group” I knew: I will be back.

My motor-home:

Total cost:

The total cost per day differ from the table of purpose. The reason is for the last 8 days my wife accompanied me from Stockholm to Haag and I could not separat the single items.
Data roaming Russia:
Also telephone data roaming cost in Russia I paid only later are added separately. I did not check the tariffs before and used Google Maps. That exceeded my data limit quickly and I they shut off my account until my wife paid in for me in between.
Toll stations are not visible, they operate electronically. One has to apply into the system upfront. I received 15 fines 2 weeks after returning and negotiated as good as I could. Finally I was lucky to get away with paying 27 Euros from 268.

That means, as a single traveler I needed 90,54 Euros per day excluding wife and data or 110,77 Euros including.

Only recently Russia introduced an online Visa Process for St. Petersburg. But in 2017 it was rather cumbersome and I managed only with the help of a friend, who lived in Moscow for some years, to obtain it in a rather short amount of time before departure.

April – Mai 2019 Eastern Europe

Trip map and main destination:

The idea to visit the Delta of the Danube came watching a TV documentation called “Universe” about the area a couple of years ago. Similar to many dreams it took some time to make it happen. And once you travel that far, it makes sense to me not to come back the same way, that would be a sin, but find a circular path.

My route planning tries to accomplish that circle. Google Maps indicates for this about 5.900 km, but the sum of the detailed plan is about 7,100 km and about 37 days.


I visited 14 countries in 33 days and traveled about 6.700 km.
One of my favorite quotes is from Mark Twain:
“We travel to compare our imagination to reality.”
Realty surpassed my imagination regularly all the time and the beauty of countries, landscapes, cities and foremost of the people I met was just overwhelming. I always ask God to upgrade my support with 3 additional guardian angels (to have one on each side of me) and I am so grateful that the only incidence was a broken bulb in Croatia. And yes, a stolen Mountain Bike in Kosovo, which is bearable.

My Motor-home

Trip plan:

I changed the plan on route because of new insights and just additional attractions. See in the report.

Planning Cost:

After some unfortunate experience in Russia I wanted to be in charge of ALL cost including fuel, telephone and data roaming. Worth my while.

Actual Cost: