April – Mai 2019 Eastern Europe

Trip map and main destination:

The idea to visit the Delta of the Danube came watching a TV documentation called “Universe” about the area a couple of years ago. Similar to many dreams it took some time to make it happen. And once you travel that far, it makes sense to me not to come back the same way, that would be a sin, but find a circular path.

My route planning tries to accomplish that circle. Google Maps indicates for this about 5.900 km, but the sum of the detailed plan is about 7,100 km and about 37 days.


I visited 14 countries in 33 days and traveled about 6.700 km.
One of my favorite quotes is from Mark Twain:
“We travel to compare our imagination to reality.”
Realty surpassed my imagination regularly all the time and the beauty of countries, landscapes, cities and foremost of the people I met was just overwhelming. I always ask God to upgrade my support with 3 additional guardian angels (to have one on each side of me) and I am so grateful that the only incidence was a broken bulb in Croatia. And yes, a stolen Mountain Bike in Kosovo, which is bearable.

My Motor-home

Trip plan:

I changed the plan on route because of new insights and just additional attractions. See in the report.

Planning Cost:

After some unfortunate experience in Russia I wanted to be in charge of ALL cost including fuel, telephone and data roaming. Worth my while.

Actual Cost:

One thought on “April – Mai 2019 Eastern Europe

  • 20.04.2019 at 09:53

    So exciting! Love your adventurous route plan and professional cost breakdown and conversion table! Do you have a link to the documentary?
    Much LOVE, I’ll be following step by step, looking forward to your updates.


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