Day 17, 29.07.2019, Norddeich-Utrecht-Brügge, 548 km

When I left Norddeich I suddenly had difficulties with the gear change of the FIAT Ducato motor home. There was quite a resistance to get the lever over the neutral position into the next gear. Immediately I thought about the worst case: clutch or even gearbox faulty and huge cost and lots of time involved. What to do? I found a FIAT dealer not too far away with Google Maps and arrived there soon. I described my observations and asked for a quick check. The manager came out to the vehicle and pumped the clutch pedal – with his hand! He explained, that my model-year had this little misalignment of the clutch pedal from time to time and it can be reset by pulling the pedal upwards a couple of times. How mu8ch do I owe you? Nothing, it was my pleasure. He made my day… and I moved on west bound to the Netherlands.

Joyful Utrecht in the Netherlands

After that relaxing stroll I moved on to Brügge in Belgium. I found a suitable parking near town.
Thanks to the summer season it was still daylight enough to have a look.
Another most delightful town.

Day 11, 23.07.2019,Stralsund-Waren, 123 km

We spent the morning also in Stralsund and extended the exploration with the bicycle.

Legendary “Gorch Fock” military training vessel.

In the afternoon we traveled to Waren an der Müritz and still put in a round of golf.

Golfclub Fleesensee

Camping- und Wohnmobilpark Kamerun Neumann/Thomä GbR

Day 10, 22.07.2019, Rügen-Sassnitz-Stralsund, 61 km

I believe we drove the motor home to a parking near the Nationalpark Jasmund and walked on foot to the beautiful chalk coast, to Sassnitz and back. What a delight to also climb down to the shore and stay underneath the huge chalk rocks.

Impressions of Sassnitz.

First glimpse of Stralsund.

Caranvanstellplatz “An der Rügenbrücke”