Mittwoch, 02.09.20, Haukland Beach – Leknes – Nusfjord – Flakstad, 50 km

When I left in the morning after breakfast I was not only charged by the fruits and green tea, but also from the high amount of positive energy Haukland Beach provided freely.

I headed for Leknes but found no reason to stop and carried on to Nusfjord. What a romantic place for the tourist, probably still a village with hard working fisherman and innkeepers.

The parking was already elevated but I still climbed to the top of the hill. It was worth it.

Colors, forms, mirrors and the magic of the north made it another unforgettable “let time stand still” moment.

But the day was still long and I headed for Flakstad direction north again.

Again nearby was a famous beach for surfers with a camping ground and informal parking. Choose the latter. But before I asked the camping manager whether I could dispose my grey water and chemical toilet and fill fresh water. No problem.

Skagsanden Beach

Another lovely evening stroll

My favorite details

It proved to have been the right decision in Lillehammer listening to the German lady and turn back up north.

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