Donnerstag, 03.09.20, Flakstad – Fredvang – Lund – Reine, 40 km

If you look at the distances I drove, you can see that some of the hotspots are really near to each other. The day will evolve in a most enjoyable manner (must have mentioned that before).

Already yesterday I met a German doctor who knew Norway, the Lofoten and actually Arctic and Antarctic very well and he recommended a few more “musts” on the Lofoten. So first thing in the morning led me to Fredvang Beach.

Fotos from the road to Fredvang.

Cemetery Fredvang.

Another lengthy walk at Fredvang Beach.

Some might say they are repetitive. I cannot get enough of these baches and became addicted walking along them.

Fredvang fishery, which I discovered myself 🙂

Next stop will be Lund, another recommendation from Mr. German doctor.

Mr. Blacksmith was a pleasure to talk to about his craft.

The day still had much more to offer. Heading for Reine.

I had to stop at that place for a snack with a view.

Images from Reine.

In a distance northwards.

When I look at it, quite an amazing eventful day, still without any stress, just relaxed roaming from sighting to sighting.

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