Tuesday, 14.05.19, Thessaloniki

Day 22 for the records. After a very good breakfast we walked to the White Tower where the Hop-on / Hop-off buses would take off. We arrived early, they would only begin in 45 minutes. So we had a coffee nearby. At the payment point we were advised about some “specials”. The second bus would be full with a school class. And every hour the round trip would take longer and longer because of road maintenance in town. We said thank you, but thank you and started the tour on foot.

Soon we reached the Archeological Museum and bought the ticket and had another visit to the past. Next we found Agia Sophia, the first of two orthodox Churches. The second was also nearby. From there up the hill to the castle. Before we reached it, we had another coffee at a terrasse overlooking almost all of Thessaloniki.

Strolling around the city and up the hill to the top.

On the way back we found a great restaurant with healthy salads. Leisurely we reached the hotel, collected our bags and maneuvered the motorhome out of its trap in the parking. As the “manager” of the place, who was clearly a choleric, started to shout at me he got a mouthful from myself and restrained his anger.

We drove southwards to the first finger of Chalkidiki for a camping ground and found a decent one with a spot on the beachfront again. After a stroll at the beach and drinks in a nearby hotel we had dinner at home.

Monday, 13.5.19, Camping Armenistis – Thessaloniki

Day 21 for the records. As my trip around Eastern Europe would last more than a month, Ingrid planned to come to Thessaloniki and accompany me for about a week until Dubrovnik. On that Monday morning the weather was again rather dizzy and humid. I had breakfast at home and left the camping ground at 11:00 a.m. I arrived at Makedonia Airport Thessaloniki at 13:30 about when Ingrid’s flight left in Vienna and had my C+C in a coffee shop on a terrasse.

As next day was Ingrid’s birthday I booked a hotel in town. To find parking was a little effort and a short discussion with the runner of the place. A directed me into his last corner close to the fence. I accepted gladly. Alternatives were scarce. Cost me 15 Euro for 24 h.

The hotel was a good choice. We could walk to the Aristoteles Square and back easily and had quite a good dinner back close to our place.

Sunday, 12.05.19, Kavala – Chalkidiki, Armenistis Camping

Day 20 for the records. Early rise, walk to the little harbour, photo shoot. Change to swimming costume, make a short dive and be very relaxed and happy. Took more photos, found a dead squid on the small shore. Like the crab in Vana Veche it must have seized only a short while ago. It looked like sleeping. I tried to help it back into the water, but in vein. After the morning ritual I went back to the same Cafe for a little breakfast. As they had not croissants I had to settle with ham and cheese toast. I also took the salted chips. Do not know why.

I left with fond memories again and on today’s stretch I had many up and downs. Not emotionally but geographically. I must have conquered about 10 to 15 mountain passes. Ok, not higher than 300m altitude, but it sums up. On top of one of the higher ones ws a parking spot with a view over the Agaian See. Spoke to a pensioner couple from Nurnberg also driving with a motorhome. In total I had seen so few companions.

Beach pantomime in the morning.


Some publishing, a lift for a local woman and a chat with a neighbor.

As my target I had chosen the middle of the 3 peninsulas of Chalkidiki. I thought I can circumvent this semi-Island but underestimated the road profile. In mid afternoon I stopped already on the eastern sid at the Armenistis Camping ground. Hidden away from the road I found my spot directly at the beach front across Athos, the Holy Mountain. The lady at reception was very friendly and helpful. She will travel to Scotland in September, when they close the business for the winter period.

Saturday, 11.05.19, Istanbul – Kavala, Greece

Day 19 for the records. Early start at 07:15 a.m. with minimum traffic in my area of driving. Reached the same hanging bridge as I came in and felt the departure from Asia to Europe in a special way. Smooth sailing until the first stop at a Cafe attached to a fuel station. A fine gentlemen served me turkish coffee and I bought additional biscuits. As a gift he served me a cup of tea before I left.

I was hoping to have my next stop in the town of Alexandroupolis, but they had a festival using the beach road. Additionally all roads in town were blocked, I could not find alternative parking. Tough luck, I left. Unfortunately I had drastic coffee withdrawal symptoms but I did not stop at any of the fuel stations on the way, because they just did not look good. Saw the sign to a hotel, turned right and was then the only guest in their coffee shop with a charming turkish lady having grown up in Russia as my host.

Carried on then to Kavala, a town I never heard of and was therefore not on my radar. But we adjust to circumstances quickly and I had no regrets. It did not open to me easily. I should have used a detour because of a road maintenance. The detour was very narrow and therefore unacceptable. After turning around and back to where I came from I saw on the right hand side lower down a romantic fishing boat harbor and some restaurants alongside. This was my spot. For the parking I had to turn around once more, but then all was good. Needless to say I found my Cafe with Wifi in walking distance. When I entered 4 young ladies looked at me as if I was George Clooney. At least I had the impression…