Tuesday, 14.05.19, Thessaloniki

Day 22 for the records. After a very good breakfast we walked to the White Tower where the Hop-on / Hop-off buses would take off. We arrived early, they would only begin in 45 minutes. So we had a coffee nearby. At the payment point we were advised about some “specials”. The second bus would be full with a school class. And every hour the round trip would take longer and longer because of road maintenance in town. We said thank you, but thank you and started the tour on foot.

Soon we reached the Archeological Museum and bought the ticket and had another visit to the past. Next we found Agia Sophia, the first of two orthodox Churches. The second was also nearby. From there up the hill to the castle. Before we reached it, we had another coffee at a terrasse overlooking almost all of Thessaloniki.

Strolling around the city and up the hill to the top.

On the way back we found a great restaurant with healthy salads. Leisurely we reached the hotel, collected our bags and maneuvered the motorhome out of its trap in the parking. As the “manager” of the place, who was clearly a choleric, started to shout at me he got a mouthful from myself and restrained his anger.

We drove southwards to the first finger of Chalkidiki for a camping ground and found a decent one with a spot on the beachfront again. After a stroll at the beach and drinks in a nearby hotel we had dinner at home.

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