Saturday, 11.05.19, Istanbul – Kavala, Greece

Day 19 for the records. Early start at 07:15 a.m. with minimum traffic in my area of driving. Reached the same hanging bridge as I came in and felt the departure from Asia to Europe in a special way. Smooth sailing until the first stop at a Cafe attached to a fuel station. A fine gentlemen served me turkish coffee and I bought additional biscuits. As a gift he served me a cup of tea before I left.

I was hoping to have my next stop in the town of Alexandroupolis, but they had a festival using the beach road. Additionally all roads in town were blocked, I could not find alternative parking. Tough luck, I left. Unfortunately I had drastic coffee withdrawal symptoms but I did not stop at any of the fuel stations on the way, because they just did not look good. Saw the sign to a hotel, turned right and was then the only guest in their coffee shop with a charming turkish lady having grown up in Russia as my host.

Carried on then to Kavala, a town I never heard of and was therefore not on my radar. But we adjust to circumstances quickly and I had no regrets. It did not open to me easily. I should have used a detour because of a road maintenance. The detour was very narrow and therefore unacceptable. After turning around and back to where I came from I saw on the right hand side lower down a romantic fishing boat harbor and some restaurants alongside. This was my spot. For the parking I had to turn around once more, but then all was good. Needless to say I found my Cafe with Wifi in walking distance. When I entered 4 young ladies looked at me as if I was George Clooney. At least I had the impression…

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