Montag, 31.08.20, Henningsvaer – Gimsoysand – Borg, 68 km

I followed a recommendation from a web site with the top 11 “must visit location” on the Lofoten. Gimsoy was a little up north and looked to be remote. It was, and generally in the year of Covid 19 and late in the season, I was never in a crowd.

After arriving I went for a long walk along the beach, completely on my own and enjoying the light breeze and the typical smell of sea water.

And very relaxing is to look for beautiful mussels or at least for some patterns in the chaos.

When I returned I felt I had to do some exercise, took the bike and started to cycle along the road to west. It would lead around the island with about 50 – 60 km. It did not come to that distance.

But what came was a sheep resting on a rock.

As the conditions were rather unfavourable with gusty winds and light showers of rain the pleasure was limited. On top of it I saw a golf course on the way (Lofoten Links), enquired about the booking situation and decided to cut short the round around the island…

I enjoyed every minute on the 9 holes I played. Not knowing the details was costly in lost balls (although when I search for mine, I always find others). The strong side and head wind gusts added to the challenge. But what a scenery and excitement to be there at all.

The club rooms were only average but the shower after sports is always unbeatable.

There was no suitable spot for parking the motorhome overnight, so I decided to head for Borg. There was free parking near the Viking Museum.

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