Day 28, 09.09.2019, Ullapool – Portree, 259 km

Today the target was the Isle of Sky with the “capital” Portree. The drive was scenic as every day and I feel, one cannot get tired of it.

If you are lucky you find parking at a fine coffee shop with book shop attached and you meet Italians who are on a long distance cycling trip around the Scottish islands.

Fantastic views of Scotland’s shores and lakes and hills.

As it is called Isle of Sky it needs a connection to the mainland. It could be a ferry, a tunnel or a bridge. They choose an elegant bow.

My parking spot again was an act of bravery: searched down a small road into a little forest and found my niche across the town of Portree. Could not have been any better.

First a stroll to the top of the nearby hill. Found this magic jewel: The Cuillin Hills Hotel.

These pics are from the walk to town.

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