Day 27, 08.08.2019, Durness – Ullapool, 126 km

I took an extended stroll on the beach far out to the opposite side of my location. It was just peaceful, relaxing, meditative and energizing at the same time.

I love the micro cosmos and miracles of nature along the shores.

The panorama form the far end back.

This are the ruins of Balnakeil Church close to my paring spot.

From the ride to the south west to Ullapool I was again amazed about the beauty of the Scottish Highlands with their winding roads and rivers and waterfalls. You can also meet interesting people on bicycles like Tim from the Netherlands. He had this top special touring bike from Germany for about 8.500 Euros. Respect. I gave him a lift to find a coffee shop. We had to search deep into one of the fjords and found that charming place at the far end…

The camping ground at Broomflield Holiday Park was just outside Ullapool and very well organized.

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