Touring Norway from Haag to Geiranger Fjord

On Monday, 17.08.2020, I left with my motorhome for the north. The plan was to come back to the Lofoten after 2017 and to cycle with the tent and explore this part of the world in more detail.

The only preparation was to select some recommended routes through “beautiful” landscapes from the website of a travel agency for Norway.


Whereby one “must” destination was the Geiranger Fjord.

After one week in the Fjord area the persistent rainy weather motivated to change the plan for this time and head south again much sooner.

Only to find the weather improving on the way to Lillehammer. At the parking up near the “bakken” for the ski jumpers I met a German lady who by accident drove the same brand of motor-home like mine (FIAT Ducato ROTEC) and she voted strongly that I still give it shot. Her Norwegian weather application promises good conditions in the north for the forthcoming week.

I can be influenced so easily… -:) – But I never looked back and had a smashing time on the Lofoten…

Monday, 17.08.2020, Haag to Hamburg

On that first day the the excitement to travel again was pushing me until close to Hamburg, some 985 km with few brakes. Stopped then at a highway parking area Rastanlage Harburger Berge West and it did not take long to fall asleep.

Tuesday, 18.08.2020, Hamburg – Aarhus

Fotos Hamburg

Fotos Kiel

Fotos Flensburg

Fotos Aarhus

Wednesday, 19.08.2020, Aarhus – Hirtshals


Fotos Thisted

Fotos Aalesund

Fotos Hirtshals in later afternoon. Waiting for the ferry next morning.

Thursday, 20.08.2020, Hirtshals – Langesund – Farsund


Fine weather at arrival.

Changing its mind swiftly.

Friday, 21.08.2020, Farsund – Stavanger


Between Ogna and Stavanger along the coast.


Saturday, 22.08.2020, Stavanger – Odda

Fotos from the day of waterfalls and rainbows.

Sunday, 23.08.2020, Odda – Oevre-Ardal

Fotos from the road.

Monday, 24.08.2020, Oevre-Ardal – Geiranger, 195 km, 2.000 m plus altitude.

I had two options from the Navi and asked a couple which was on an early morning walk. They recommended the road over the mountains “Fardalvegen” as more beautiful. So I did. The very first ascent from Oevre was so steep so that I needed to use first gear in every hair pin bend. Unfortunately no hand free to take photos, only further up.

Summary until here:

My motorhome and I weathered the storms and were quite pleased to have arrived at Geiranger. Even in this dull weather it surpassed my imagination. As so many times before, changing a dream into reality is fantastic.

The following stages of the tour around Norway will be in a new post.

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