Day 34, 15.08.2019, Mont St. Michel – Rennes – AB Laval, 141 km

Who has not heard of Mont St Michel? I did and it was on my bucket list for a long time. Today was the day.

The camping site was near, so I took the bike once more and left it before the long bridge and mingled with the crowd. Medieval through and through the place moves you back in time automatically. Everything has style and charm and quality.

I was blessed by being able to attend the end of a church service, where the nuns sang as a small choir with a mystical sound in that high cathedral.

Wandering from level to level one has views over the Channel or inland or is drawn into court yards and chambers.

It is such a center of positive energy that I did not want to leave on the same day. On the other hand my time came slowly to an end and I carried on east bound to Rennes.

My blessings did not seize. Rennes offers stylish architectures and splendid restaurants, pubs and cafes.