Day 25, 06.08.2019, Orkney – John o Groats, by bike, 30 km

After a pleasant night in the tent I chatted to neighbors with a motor home. They recommended this beautiful coast line nature reserve.

This “bowling pin rock” was excavated by sea channels over thousands of years.

The young lady and her colleague were extremely helpful that I could get a ride on the bus back to the ferry. They went the extra mile to get the permission and the necessary wrapping material for my bicycle. Very special to me.
I had not eaten much yesterday and today. I was in a state of euphoria to find the archaeological sites and had no appetite at all. But when it hit me, I had some fish and chips, but it did not give me enough energy back to cycle to the harbor.

Day 24, 05.08.2019, John o Groats – Orkney, by bicycle, 50 km

The first view in the morning was a little wet and not really encouraging a bicycle tour. But it cleared to a cloudy condition which was welcome …

I knew Orkney does have neolithic excavations and museums. Beside its remote geographical location this was the main motivator to go there. I found it just ideal to take the bike with tent and cycle around the island. It was tough, but also extremely rewarding.

The ferry took about one hour and the landing point had NOTHING to offer, not coffee shop, no other shop, no welcome procedures 🙂

First landmark on the road to Kirkwall was the Italian Chapel, which was built by Italian prisoners or war completely from scrap material.

A glimpse of Kirkwall, main town of the island.

Standing Stones of Stenness

Above are images from current excavations Ness of Brodgar and the Ring von Brodgar. To “catch” the Ring onto an image with an smart phone is a challenge, which I did not master.

The clear highlight of that day and one of the most impressive observations of ancient structures was Skara Brae. I was lucky to have a “private” tour with a really engaged expert lady.

My tour guide in Skara Brae recommended an informal camping ground nearby and I found it very well sheltered and even romantic.