Friday, 26.04.19, Budapest, Novi Sad, Belgrade

Day 4 for the records. Looking at a large scale map yesterday I wondered whether I had chosen the most sensible route at all. To cut it short, I decided to change: instead of going to Timisoara in Romania I headed south to Novi Sad and Belgrade. The latter I had in mind on the way back from Skopje and turn off to the Madura Caves in Romania
I had to sacrifice the caves, but the total distance was reduced by almost 1.000 km. Timisoara would come then on Sunday, 28.04.19 and not further changes until Thessaloniki.

Caste Novi Sad with my faithful companion
A location of a life time

Street parking. Asked another cyclist for the parking arrangements. There was a board with a mobile phone number. He said it is a Public Holiday, actually Easter Weekend for the Orthodox Church. The parking is free then. He also explained a short history of Novi Sad with Queen Maria Theresia awarding the town rights to them.
Took me some circles in town until I found my way back.

It was not the day of successful navigation at all. Near Belgrade I ended up in this rural area following my Garmin with correctly spelled address, but it was one of more of the same. This gentlemen, obviously a keen cyclist as myself, followed me because he guessed my misery. In his mother tongue Serbian he explained to me, I must go back to town. Cost me about 20 km over all and one hour.

Not the most romantic camping ground, but very well located and very friendly welcome and fellow travelers.
Good end, all well…