Wednesday, 08.05.19, Sozopol to Plovdiv and to Bachkovo monastery.

Day 16 for the records. Soon after Burgas started a top highway to Plovdiv and I made the usual coffee break at ÖMV again.
To find parking in Plovdiv was very hard work. Negotiating very narrow roads and circling around until suddenly a big lot was there near old town. Also very reasonable prices. Yes, I took the bike and started a pleasant tour around. Some steep stretches with ROUGH cobblestone surface were a little challenging. First I found the remains of a Roman Theatre above town. Stunning.

As I missed the Archeological Museum in Varna I visited the one in Plovdiv. No regrets, wonderful artefacts from centuries B.C. Old Town was not too big, took it easy back to the car and left for Bachkovo. In the next town of Asenovgrad Garmin lost me, sent me into narrow roads and I had to reset it to come on track again.

The last 5 km lead through a narrow and picturesque gorge with wild waters alongside the road. Cobblestone surface the last 500 m through all the stalls with the usual tourist articles. Parking for 24 h cost me 6 Lewa, 3 Euro.

What a jewel of a monastery at the end of the world. Enjoyed every minute walking around and shooting the pics. Spoke to two French ladies from Paris, because the one had crutches and could not put the one foot to the ground.

As mine was the only car on the parking lot, I had a wonderful silent night.