Sunday, 19.05.19, Dubrovnik

Day 27 for the records. Slow start into the day, bus to town again and a wonderful breakfast just outside town walls in the midst of the international crowd.

Phase II walk the city wall. Cost 27 Euros / person for about 2.000 m walk. 13,5 Eu/km. I was worth every Penny. Every meter the view changes from better to best, from beautiful to stunning, from impressive to insurmountable. One cannot stop trying the impossible, catching the moments on photographic images. We were so blessed to experience time standing still same as in Kotor the day before. What more can you ask?

After the wall we walked to the small harbor and before the drizzle started sat in a fine restaurant for our next coffee. Later we found the same ice cream shop as yesterday, whose product was addictive. Just walking in the rain a little we reached the bus terminal and headed back home.

Later walked down the road to a Pizzeria for dinner and back up to our apartment block.

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