Day 4, 03.06.2017, Danzig

From Camping “STOGI” to Old Town with the bike:

Other than in St. Petersburg, which is really a large and busy Metropole, or in Helsinki, which was ok to walk, the bicycle strategy worked also exceptionally well in Danzig (Gdansk).

One is tempted to risk a preview to future places to visit along the north and east sea: the “Hansestädte”. It is all about “time-travel”, isn’t it?
Within this journey Kaliningrad (Königsberg), Riga and Tallin (Revel) will still feature. In 2019 Stettin, Greifswald, Stralsund, Rostock, Wismar, Hamburg and Utrecht will follow.
They all made their fortunes with sea freight trade with their “Hanse-Kogge” and their wealth is visible still today in no uncertain terms.

Nordeuropa und die Hansestädte um 1400
Courtesy Wikipedia

This is only the beginning of the 9,500 km journey around to Scandinavia, but already now I am overwhelmed again and again from the beauty I meet everywhere.

With Google Maps I could not locate the Domo Oliva accurately enough so I asked a fellow cyclist. He said it is anyway my direction, follow me. When he had to stop, he pointed me in the right direction and it was close.

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