Day 20, 01.08.2019, Oxford-Stratford-Birmingham-Aston Court, 255 km

Driving north bound to the Cotswolds and stopping in Moreton-in-Marsh to buy some cheese in “The Cotswold Cheese Company” with charming personnel.

Carry on to Broadway just to visit this legendary hotel again. The Lygon Arms.

The day only started to become explorative, so I carried on to Stratford-Upon-Avon, Shakespeare’s home town.

Finally driving to Knowle and to Hollywood south of Birmingham, where I also lived in the late 90-ties. Grimshaw Cottage is in Knowle and the current owner, a charming couple showed me around how they extended and improved the building. I was impressed to say the least. Hollywood is the bottom picture of this collection.

During my time in Birmingham I visited the city center often and this time I also looked around to maybe find some parking at a hotel. But all searching was in vain. So I drove northbound again. The goal was Scotland. It became later and later and finally dark night before I by pure luck found that parking lot at Aston Court Care Home and Hospital.

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