Wednesday, 15.05.19, Thessaloniki – Skopje

Day 23 for the records.We had to go back northbound and pass Thessaloniki on the eastern side on the path to Skopje in Northern Macedonia. We had all kinds of road widths and surfaces, from pothole staccatos to top brandnew highways and had views to highways in construction, which were breathtaking because of there sheere size and the long bridges.

Mostly great highways for a reasonable toll

Found parking near the city center and started our excursion on foot. It is a town of monuments as you can see below. There was a strong earthquake in the recent past, so many of the historic buildings were restored or built new. So it was quite a mixed bag of architecture but had its own charme and friendly people all around.

City of Monuments

Later we drove to a camping site on the fringe of Skopje which was attached to a big hotel and was located in a park with all amenities you would expect.