Thursday, 17.09.20, Leiden – Den Haag – Gent, 207 km

The morning was sunny but very windy. So I opted to drive to Den Haag instead of cycling the 14 km. To find parking was another lengthy exercise but eventually successful.

Parking at the yacht harbor “Vissershaven” was not expensive and close to town.

The Royals stay private.

Great weather, great social life.

Tranquil flea market near Escher House.

I was looking forward to some famous Dutch painters in the museum of arts. But found only a handful. The rest was so depressing.

From the piers.

In the late afternoon only the question was again how far to go south west. This time i voted for Lille in France.

Due to quite some delays because of traffic congestions and one detour from my side I had to change to Gent which was one hour shorter. Ingrid has often mentioned its charme and beautiful building ensembles.

From my app “Stellplatz Radar” I found free parking near the Gent Rowing Club near the city center…