2012-08 Scotland

I lived in the UK in Birmingham and Oxford from 1996 to 2002. I visited Scotland twice during that period. In 2012 it was time to go back with my wife Ingrid. Scotland has so much charm, charisma, history, culture, traditions, countrysides from another universe and much more. The attentive reader might discover, that I returned again in 2019.

We started in Edinburgh, took a rental car and went up north.We visited Inverness and Loch Ness, some coastal beaches, castles and a whisky distillery (Glen Fiddich). The detailed route and sequence of events has been lost in the fog of time 🙁

Day 1, 17.08.2012

Day 2, 18.08.2012

Day 3, 19.08.2012

Day 4, 20.08.2012

Day 5, 21.08.2012

Day 6, 22.08.2012

Day 7, 23.08.2012

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